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Founded in September 2009, Quang Van Media and Books Join Stock Company is well - known as a publisher with various attractive publications for women. Quang Van wins readers’ trust and preference with the brand name of “Good mother” collection, and Doan Thi Diem Award (Literature and Fiction for women); and foreign literature collection. 
Quangvan is one of the pioneers in Vietnam publishing 
- Joining in e-publishing 
- Using indland light soft paper to reduce eye strain, strengthen bindings, and makes beautifulsoft covers. 
- International standard publications: containing ISBN, computerized library catalog…Quang Van’s titles can easily be found on book websites such as goodreads, smashword…
- being the pioneer that applies the reader-oriented publishing process in 2012. Firstly, Quang Van
Quang Van publishes high quality fictions and non-fictions with over 200 titles in our list. Our list features bestselling authors like: Nguyen Thi Khanh Huyen, Bui Mai Huong, Han Nhu, Hanh Nguyen, Minh Man, Inazo Nitobe, Ibuka 
Masaru,Park Geun Hye, Kim Do Yoon, Jaegal Hyun Yeol, Thanada Sawangduean, …
To become the leading brand name of women publications in Vietnam
Discipline and orientation
- Before making decisions, female readers being always first considered;
- Appropriate titles for women which meet their demand;
- Listening to reader’s responses;
- Committing to business culture with society
Dialogue exchanging
- Encouraging to open and positive conversations;
- Frankly exchanging on our problems and challenges on regular basis;
- Building trustful and mutually respectful working environment;
Let’s join us:
- To work enthusiastically;
- To express freely your creation and innovation;
- To set reckless objectives and target to breakthrough results; 
Improvement – Creation – Innovation
- Always regarding changes as inevitable
-  Continuously improving the working method and process
- Continuously develop new and creative products meeting customer’s demand
Developing and respecting to potentials of our members
- Respectful and self-respectful and truthful treatment among members
- Developing the maximum of members’ potentials
- Encouraging creative and innovative ideas
- Being aware of the work-family balance
Staff remuneration
The most critical resource is our Quangvan members. With a view to reaching our objectives and missions, the key point is to attract, encourage and develop excellent staff who will help Quangvan to complete these above missions. Our methods is highly appreciate their contribution and suitable remuneration . 
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